Pc Click Remote Backup provides secure and efficient networked data protection and recovery solutions for small to mid-sized organizations facing exploding data growth, increased regulatory requirements, and limited IT resources.
By taking advantage of our Pc Click Remote Backup software and services, you can be sure of your data will not be lost to hardware or software failure, power outages, viruses, fire, natural disasters, or just simple human error.


Fast and easy to install Our backup system is very fast and installs easily (you can be fully backup protected in under 5 minutes!)
Runs in background Backups run in the background so you can continue to work while your files are being backed up
Set CPU priority Background CPU priority can be set to High, Medium or Low
Compression Data is compressed prior to transmission
Capacity Can handle very large data backups – up to 2 Gigabytes of data (compressed). If compression ratio is 4:1 that would be 8 Gigabytes of data!
Enhanced Password Enhanced password control (prevents passwords from being sent across the Internet)
Encryption Data is transmitted, and stored, with strong encryption (128 bit Encryption) No one has access to your data!
Multiple levels of protection Our data centers use the latest protection tools and techniques, including multiple Firewalls, Intrusion Detection systems and Virus Scanners.
Full and incremental backups Full daily backups – usually runs at night time between 10 pm – 5am
Scheduling Flexible backup system scheduling (in between specified hours, on demand etc.)
Retrieve backups from anywhere No special software required to retrieve your encrypted files from anywhere in the world – this option is available upon request
Choose restore location Restore any or all files back to their original hard drive location, or to any other location you choose
Search Easily locate files you want to retrieve (by individual file name, search, calendar etc.)
Statistics Statistics are shown after each successful backup (number of files, upload rate etc.) – Email notification is available
Automatic updates Backup system software client is automatically updated
Main and alternate host sites Our client software automatically connects to an alternate site should the main site be unavailable for any reason.
Multiple copies of client data All customer backup data is automatically and regularly copied to other servers in case the main servers ever experience a failure or data loss.
Integrity verified Backup integrity is verified after each upload

Protect your business-critical data with Pc Click Remote Backup.