It’s hard for businesses to keep up with the latest advances in Computer and Information Technology (IT). However, IT can make you faster, more efficient and more profitable. Located in the Greater-Toronto-Area (GTA) since 2001, Pc Click helps businesses and professionals maximize the benefits of IT by providing expertise in: computer hardware and network installation as well as server maintenance and technical support services.
Many case studies have demonstrated that IT outsourcing works and generates significant numbers in cost savings. For instance, a recent case study on Zurich (, 2008), one of the world?s largest insurers, has shown how IT outsourcing helped the company turn around and erase a $3.4bn loss from the previous year. The company claimed that two of its IT outsourcing deals helped reduce infrastructure costs by 45 per cent and cut numbers of in-house IT staff by 60 per cent; consequently, significantly increasing its bottom line.
And whether you are a large corporation or small business, your company can boast of similar numbers by using a reliable and experienced company such as Pc Click.
The advantage of outsourcing is that you get to share IT resources and their associated cost with other companies, which would not be possible had your IT been in-house. Thus, your company gets to spend only what it uses.
Operating in the Greater-Toronto-Area (GTA), Pc Click can help your company leverage IT to increase your bottom line. Our entire IT and computer service portfolio include: Computer and network installation, maintenance and technical support, web design and hosting, remote data backup (offsite), email blast service, email recovery along with a full range of IT related consulting and technical support services.
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