Computers are one of the biggest expenditures for businesses today. We can explain technology in terms even technophobes can understand. Let us:
Prioritize technology goals. We can help you decide where to allocate limited resources to get the most bang for your buck with computers. We can help professional firms grow without adding additional support and administrative staffs. We can streamline both internal and external communications with groupware and electronic mail securely connected to the Internet. We can increase the speed of document generation with document assembly technology.  We can also make recommendations for telecommuters who work at home and road warriors who need access to central resources like a company’s network while traveling.
Choose Products. We can help you select the best hardware, software and network for your business. Pc Click isn’t in the business just for selling hardware and software so we can give you an objective opinion about what you need. Let us consult with your management and staff to learn about your business. 
Expand the reach of your network. If you have multiple offices we can discuss the costs of linking them together using Wide Area Network (WAN) technology, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) the Internet, or dial up networking. We can also help you choose the most cost effective means to meet your communications needs by evaluating leased lines, Frame Relay, ISDN and Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL or ADSL).
We can also do the hands on technical work buying hardware, installing hardware, software and networking your computers.